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Vancouver BC, Canada

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We shoot videos & create websites

We don't shoot websites though!

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Malone's Taphouse
Lucky's Liquor Store
Cask & Keg
The Cambie Pub
Pretty Nice Websites

About us

Ahoy! We're Rad Sled, a couple of designers with a passion for, uhm... design.

Even though we can do absolutely anything, we've decided to narrow our skills to only these two things: videos and websites.
You might've already seen our portfolio, so if you like what you saw, let's meet up!
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Our pasion for creating stunning videos begun in 2014.

Starting in an advertising agency, we've developed the needed skills to work with the filming equipment, as well as an eye for composition. Several years later, and here we are, in the beautiful British Columbia, creating amazing stories for other businesses and entrepreneurs.

We'd love to see your future video in our humble portfolio!


We also feel the same way about creating web designs
(this sentence will make sense only if you've read the previous one).

We're proud about making good-looking and functional web presentations.
Responsiveness is our second name, imagination is the third, over-confidence is starting to become the forth.

Seriously though, let us know if you're interested in working with us!

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